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This is a dedicated team of HR and payroll professionals monitoring the changes taking place in your company. It guarantees advice, development and implementation of both standard HR and payroll services, payroll services and pioneering solutions requiring flexibility and innovation. Regardless of the type of service and design, our priority is reliability and safety.


HR outsourcing provides the opportunity to optimise business processes and allows a company to focus on its core operational activities. The use of such a solution not only streamlines processes within the company, but also minimises direct and indirect costs.

The basic benefits are:

  • Reducing staffing costs
  • Reducing the risk of staff absenteeism
  • Access to specialised HR and payroll experts and consultancy support
  • Legal security arising from proper interpretation of changing laws
  • Reducing IT costs
  • Data confidentiality and security
  • Focus on operational activities

We offer full and selective outsourcing

  • Full outsourcing is a contract for a comprehensive HR and payroll service.
  • Selective outsourcing is a contract for a selected service or services. This can be the outsourcing of HR alone or the outsourcing of payroll or selected elements of the process alone. The ability to select appropriate areas of activity allows you to maximize the services provided to the current needs of the company and is the result of the profitability account.

In response to the growing needs of HR and payroll outsourcing, we offer our Clients:

Full HR and payroll service

Outsourcing selected parts of HR or payroll

Implementations of HR and payroll processes

Employees performing HR and payroll processes at the Client's premises

Model of cooperation with Clients

When preparing solutions for our Clients, we operate according to the model:

Needs analysis

  • Client needs analysis
  • Audit of processes subject to outsourcing
  • Audit Report
  • Recommendation of solutions designed in response to the Client’s needs

Cooperation model

  • Developing a model of cooperation with the Client
  • Working out KPIs of cooperation
  • Transmission of documents and necessary information
  • Establishment of cooperation procedures


  • Implementation of agreed processes
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Constant contact with the client
  • Handling the needs of the Client’s employees

Satisfaction study

  • Regular reporting to the Client
  • Measuring agreed KPIs
  • Status appointments
  • Satisfaction survey

Our expertise in HR and payroll outsourcing

HR and payroll outsourcing is increasingly popular. We have been providing services in this area for more than eight years and during that time we have developed an effective model of operation.

Our team consists of qualified specialists with many years of experience. Thanks to our passion and vast experience, we guarantee the highest quality of our services. We put not only experience and professional knowledge into our work, but also heart.

Understanding the needs of the market and observing the development of outsourcing, we have fully digitised our processes so that we act quickly, efficiently and reliably, providing expert assistance to our Clients.

We are characterised by responsibility for the activities entrusted to us, as well as maximum cooperation, which demonstrates verbosity and efficiency on our part.

specjaliści w outsourcingu kadrowo-płacowym

Our goal is to:

Focus on the Client's success

Adjustment of solutions to the Client,
their specificities and needs

Ensuring the highest possible
level of service

Care for the highest possible level of client satisfaction

Continuous development and implementation
of innovative solutions

Cooperation with the best suppliers
to ensure the highest quality standards of our company


  • Human resources services, including the preparation of complete documentation from the moment an employee is hired until the termination of the contract
  • Keeping records in accordance with labour law, work regulations and other regulations of the Employer
  • Keeping Personal Records of Employees
  • Working Time Record
  • Register of holidays, medical certificates, health and safety training and other absences
  • Acceptance and dismissal of employees
  • Archiving the personal files of dismissed employees
  • Management of the PPK
  • Management of the Social Fund
  • Preparation of reports in accordance with the needs of the Client
  • Provision of explanations in the course of inspections by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), the Central Statistical Office (GUS), the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP)
  • Access to HR and payroll hotline
  • Keeping records of employee benefits and allowances
  • Monitoring the expiry dates of contracts, medical examinations and health and safety training
  • Recommending solutions to optimise and reduce employee costs
  • Monitoring labour legislation and recommending changes to the Employer’s regulations


  • Accrual of wages and their derivatives, i.e. monthly wages, hourly wages, piecework, etc.
  • Accrual of overtime
  • Accrual of allowances, i.e. bonuses, rewards,
  • Preparation of legally required declarations of Social Insurance Institution, PFRON, CSO, PDOF
  • Drawing up accounts for civil and legal contracts
  • Accounting for Social Insurance contributions
  • Settlements with the Revenue Office for personal taxes
  • Preparation of annual PIT
  • Payment of benefits from the Social Fund
  • Preparation of monthly pay slips for employees
  • Issuing certificates of employment and remuneration to employees
  • Preparing payrolls and reports
  • Checking payroll calculations to eliminate errors

Benefits of cooperation with IDEAL OUTSOURCING:

High quality HR and payroll

Compliance with regulations and ongoing advice on changing HR and payroll regulations

Compliance with
data protection

Employee satisfaction

Stable HR and payroll system
under the care of an experienced IT team

Sick leave and holiday substitution

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