Outsourcing is a very effective way of reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency. A company moves away from the areas which are not its core business and commissions them to third party specialists. Thanks to that, the quality of services is higher, which results in better flexibility and cost control. As a result, there is an improvement in competitiveness and in relations with customers, whereas the company also gains a the possibility of intensive development.

Within the outsourcing services we offer:


We know how important in a company is effective management of processes is in a company, along with resources and costs. We provide our contractors with solutions combining those three elements in one service consisting of support of internal processes, regarding both office and production. We ensure:

  • Handling of processes
  • Dedicated team
  • Optimal costs

We customise our solutions, because we are aware that each enterprise has its own unique processes and a dedicated team of employees for such processes.

The goals of optimising processes and costs for our contractors become our own goals.


For many years we have been developing our service and experience in the scope of logistics, storage and transport, based on the provision of relevant resources for work. We are also constantly expanding the scope of our services by analysis and consultancy in building an environment for storage and the optimisation of transport processes.

  • Analysis
  • Solution
  • Implementation
  • Optimisation

If it comes to transport, we are able to provide more than the drivers themselves. Upon request we can also add a delivery vehicles and provide you with a complete unit in the transport network.

Our many years of experience provides our contractors with comfort of operations, and they are able to focus on their key activities, while they making us responsible for the processes of storage and transport.


The dynamically growing e-commerce market influences the development of other business areas, such as courier services. Quickness, reliability, and first of all concern for customer satisfaction are the main elements of the services that we provide for our partners.
Within outsourcing of courier services we ensure:

  • a professional team of couriers
  • a fleet of delivery vehicles available to the couriers
  • couriers speaking German.


This is a dedicated team of specialists in the scope of HR and payroll, monitoring the changes occurring in your company. It guarantees consultancy, development, and implementation of standard HR and payroll services as well as innovative solutions offering flexibility and meeting modern needs. Regardless of the type of a service or project, our priority is reliability and safety.


HR and payroll services consist of performing the following activities for the customer:


  • keeping personnel files in accordance with applicable provisions of the labour laws:
  • gathering documents necessary for employment
  • preparing employment contracts, contracts of mandate, contract of specific work, amendments to contracts
  • reporting, deleting from registers and making other changes regarding the employees of the contractor at the Social Insurance Institution by means of the Płatnik program/li>
  • preparing documentation connected with employment and dismissal of the employee
  • preparing other documents resulting from the provisions of the labour codes and other provisions of the labour law
  • keeping records of holiday leaves, sick leaves and other types of absence
  • settlement of employee work time
  • monitoring validity of the dates of medical check-ups and mandatory OHS trainings
  • archiving the documentation of personnel files of ex-employees whose files were kept for the duration of their contract
  • preparing reports compliant with the needs of the customer:
  • statistical reports regarding the hired employees
  • possibility of defining the reports compliant with the organisational structure of the contractor or industry, e.g. company/branch/department/headquarters.



  • access to our broad knowledge and practise in the scope of tax law and labour code
  • timely settlement of liabilities towards lawyers and state authorities
  • reliable services, the quality of which is always at the highest level
  • increasing productivity of permanent employees who can concentrate on developing their key competences
  • error-free performance of the entrusted tasks
  • confidentiality and data protection.




We render our services in Poland and abroad, both for individual customers (24/7, day time and hourly home care) as well as for specialised entities such as day care centres, medical and health care institutions and hospices (group care, recruitment of care personnel, employee leasing). We ensure safe, customised and professional care services for the elderly who require support, on a daily basis, by competent and experienced carers.

The team of our carers is experienced, involved and caring about the needs of their patients.