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IDEAL Group of Companies

The IDEAL Group of Companies (hereinafter referred to as the Group) makes every effort to protect the privacy of the Users of the websites administered by the Group which are available at the following addresses www.idealgrupa.pl (hereinafter referred to as the Websites or Website). Within the meaning of this Policy, the User is a natural person aged 18 and above, who uses the Website or benefits from the services of the Group.  This Policy explains how we collect and process the data of the Users. By visiting the Websites of the Group and using their functions, you accept the rules described herein.

What information is collected through our websites?

The purpose of processing the information on the Users is to satisfy their needs to the best possible extent. We process the following types of information:

  • Information provided by the User: information provided by the User to the Group; it may contain personal data. Each time the Group specifies the data the provision of which is necessary for provision of a specific service and for monitoring and improving the quality of the services offered to the Users.
  • Comments provided to the Group through the contact form: The User has the possibility to provide his/her opinion on the functioning of the Group. The information is used for the purpose of making the operation of the IDEAL Group of Companies more efficient, and the personal data provided by the User is used only for communication with regard to the reported matter.
  • The information collected automatically: The Group collects and stores data regarding the manner of use of its Websites by the User. The collected data is used for expanding the functionalities offered by the Group. The collected data include:
    1. the IP address used by the User, location, type and version of the browser, operating system, screen resolution, installed extensions – for statistical purposes and in order to solve the reported technical problems
    2. the websites visited by the User, time spent at each of the websites, addresses of websites from or to which the User was redirected – for statistical purposes
    3. the phrases entered in the job offer browser and criteria selected from search filters – in order to help the User perform further searches
    4. job offers searched by the User, to which the User replied by sending his/her application – in order for the Group to recommend the offers meeting the User’s expectations to the fullest extent
  • Information collected automatically by other external entities which use anonymous data on the Users, including:
    1. for statistical purposes (e.g. Google AdSense, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tik Tok Ads, ZOHO ONE)
    2. for marketing purposes (e.g. Google AdSense, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tik Tok Ads, ZOHO ONE)
    3. in order to offer additional functionalities (e.g. the “Like” button of Facebook.com) or development of functionalities such as e.g. “enclose your CV”.

Use of cookies

The IDEAL Group of Companies uses the so-called cookies in order to collect information on the User’s access to the Websites of the Group. Cookies as fragments of information using a unique identification code, recorded in the User’s terminal equipment as a result of suing our Websites.

The User of our Website may use the links redirecting to other websites. However, the present Privacy Policy does not apply to those websites, and the Company encourages the Users to read the data protection policy regarding each such website to which the User is redirected.

The purpose of the cookies we use is to collect statistical data and information on the use of our Website by the User. Most browsers accept cookies by default, however if the User does not wish to receive them, he/she may change the browser settings in order to disable the cookies or to receive each time from the computer a notification on sending the cookie with a possibility of its rejection. Nonetheless it should be remembered that it may have a negative impact on the quality of our services, including on displaying the Website.

The cookies may also be used for the purpose of sending marketing messages by the Company to the Users who left our Website. If the User does not wish to receive such messages, he/she may resign from the possibility of recording the cookies in the browser used by using its relevant options: disabling the possibility of using the cookies or links used for resignation from the cookies of specific vendors.

The User has also the possibility of disabling the option of recording the cookies, which will render automatic collection of the information on the User by the Group impossible. The functions of using the job offer browser and applying will be still fully available, however the User will not be able to access the history of the Website use.

Enabling/deleting/blocking the cookies

Many browsers allow the cookies by default. The User may change the settings or disable the cookies in his/her browser at any time. However, disabling the cookies may result in faulty functioning of the service. Using the Website with enabled cookies in the browser means that the cookies will be recorded in the user’s equipment.

More information on the cookies is available in the “Help” section in the menu of your browser.

Applying for job offers

The Group processes the personal data of the User applying for a job offer through the Website or using the services offered by the Group, whereas the Group makes every effort to provide the application documents of the User in a quick and safe manner, and to ensure that the data provided by him/her are fully protected.

The Group may send the User information on the job offers adjusted to him/her, found on the basis of the criteria selected by him/her or in the form of recommended offers – suggested, determined on the basis of the User’s activity history. The consent for receipt of such information may be withdrawn at any time by the Customer.

The User may provide his/her data through the Group in order to benefit from the services offered by the Group. The consent for processing such information may be withdrawn at any time by the User.

Data security

The Group makes every effort to ensure protection of the data regarding the User to process the User’s personal data in accordance with the applicable provisions.

Transfer of data to third parties

The IDEAL Group of Companies, acting as the personal data controller, may use, during performance of services, the support of third parties, which takes place in accordance with relevant confidentiality agreements and the User’s personal data processing agreements. If the User’s data is to be transferred to an entity processing the data at the request of the Group, having its registered office outside the European Economic Area, the data processing is performed only with the consent of the User.

Limited use of the Website and services of the Group

In each case the User has the possibility of deciding which data to provide, although it may influence the quality of use of the Website or disabling the possibility of use of certain service offered by the Group. The Company reserves the right to send the User the information connected with the functioning of the Website or the rendered services, which is important in from the legal, technical or organisational point of view.

The Company as the Personal Data Controller

The controller of the Users’ data is the IDEAL Group of Companies (please provide the link). The provided personal data will be processed pursuant to the provisions of the general regulation on personal data protection and for the purposes indicated separately. The provided data will be stored until the time when the purpose for which it was collected is no longer applicable. Each User has the right to access the contents of his/her data as well as to correct it, delete, limit its processing, the right to transfer the data, to object, to withdraw his/her consent at any time with no influence on compliance with the law of the processing which was performed on the basis of a consent prior to its withdrawal, as well as to file a complaint with the Inspector General for Protection of Personal Data “(after 25 May 2018 to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection), if the User thinks that processing his/her personal data violates the provisions on personal data protection. The User provides his/her personal data voluntarily, however no consent for its processing may rending it impossible to benefit from the Group’s services or to use its Websites. The collected personal data may be provided to the entities indicated in the commonly applicable provisions of law.

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