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Did you know that 300 people have already benefited from our manual worker referral programme? Join the referral group — give a friend the chance to find a new job and earn extra money on top of your salary!

The rules are very simple:

You recommend a friend to us for work

We conduct a recruitment interview

If your referral works with us for 30 days, you will receive extra money with the following month's salary

Check the programme details in the Terms and Conditions.

Want to recommend someone?
Call: +48 799 355 540


We focus on the development of our employees. At IDEAL WORK, every candidate and employee has the chance to participate in a development programme to prepare for the position of Foreman, which is the first level of career advancement. The next stage of development is the position of Junior Coordinator and then Coordinator, who are in charge of coordinating entire projects with warehouse employees in Germany.

What does the Foreman's training programme look like?

For a new employee
applying for the position of Foreman:


We will ask you for your CV and conduct the recruitment process with you for the position of Foreman.

For the current employee,
who wants to become a Foreman:


Contact your Coordinator with information that you are interested in taking up the position of a Foreman. We will contact you and present you a training plan.


We will start a training period consisting of 2 stages:
Stage I: You will spend 2 weeks training with employees from the office and you will begin to receive the foreman allowance for the hours worked.
Stage II: You will test the knowledge you have acquired in practice — at the chosen location you will start as a Foreman for a trial period of 2 weeks (under the supervision of an experienced Coordinator or Foreman) and we will double your function allowance


After a successful training process, you are now ready to become a Foreman!

What do you gain by taking part in the training and becoming a Foreman?

Diploma of training completion

Promotion in the company
and the chance of further development

Functional allowance for every hour worked - up to €2!

Single room

Business phone
and welcome package

Bet on Growth - Join the Foreman Training Programme

What I value most about my position as a foreman is the work and contact with people. I always try to ensure that problems are solved in a clean and conflict-free way. During the programme, I liked the clear and transparent communication of what the job will consist of and what the foreman will be responsible for. Of course, I would recommend the training programme to others. First of all, I would encourage the fact that there is support at every stage of implementation. The competence gained as a foreman gives confidence, teaches self-discipline, responsibility not only for oneself but also for other employees.



with Internet access
We provide all our employees with accommodation in staff houses or hotels in 2-3 bed rooms. The accommodations we offer have access to a kitchen with appliances and a bathroom, as well as free Wifi.

Assistance in organising
transport to Germany
Employees going abroad for the first time often have concerns about whether they will be able to cope with organising the travel. At IDEAL WORK, we have been actively assisting our candidates in organising the most advantageous and safe route for several years through our Recruitment Support Department.

by company bus
At most of our work locations in Germany, we have company buses that pick up and bring our employees to work every day. In addition, by acting as a company bus driver each month you can receive an additional bonus on top of your salary.

Payment always on time in EUR or PLN
We ensure that our employees are accounted for in a timely manner. Therefore, payments always appear in the employee’s chosen account – in zloty or foreign currency – by the 10th of each month.

Polish coordinator and foreman
All our employees are taken care of by a Polish coordinator and foreman as soon as they arrive in Germany. The coordinator and foreman are both available to employees on matters relating to work and stay in Germany.

Possibility of receiving an advance after the 1st week of work
Every new employee, after working the first full week, has the opportunity to apply for a salary advance. All you need to do is fill in an application for an advance with your local coordinator or foreman.
Bonuses: functional, holiday and Christmas, for referrals

At IDEAL WORK, we have a bonus package that our employees can benefit from. Functional bonuses are payable for acting as foreman and bus or car driver. Holiday and Christmas bonuses are paid for continuity of employment twice a year – in summer and winter. Referral bonuses apply throughout the year and are paid for referring a new employee to work.

Development opportunities
We are committed to ensuring that our employees benefit from the development opportunities that we and our Clients offer. In addition, we have created a training programme for foremen, which any new candidate or current employee can join.

Legal employment
We employ employees on the basis of an employment contract, so work at IDEAL WORK is fully legal and secure, and payments are sent to the bank account indicated by the employee.

Insurance and private medical care
We guarantee basic insurance (ZUS) and additional insurance (Allianz), which can be used in Poland and Germany. In addition, we offer Luxmed medical care, which also allows appointments with a doctor to be made online.

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