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Over 10 years
of experience
in the HR services market

We hire annually
approx. 3 000 temporary

Our database
consists of 120 thousand

We create and implement
proprietary applications for
employee management


Temporary work is an excellent solution for current times. It allows your company to adapt rapidly to dynamic market changes requiring flexible solutions in human resources management.

Temporary work does not have to be exclusively ad hoc; it can also be periodic or seasonal. Everything depends on the specifics of the operation of a particular enterprise.

The distinguishing feature of temporary work is the occurrence in addition to the employer and the employee of an additional entity in the form of a temporary work agency. The employee is formally employed there, but performs their duties for the user employer — the client.

By working with the work agency, your company can optimize the costs associated with recruiting, hiring and retaining employees. By using the services of work agencies, companies can gain more flexibility and reduce the amount of internal HR and payroll processes.

Our Experience
in the field of temporary

Our experience of operating with Polish and German clients for more than 10 years has enabled us to develop an effective model of business cooperation, the recruitment process and the accumulation of an extensive candidate base, primarily in the logistics, transport, automotive, manufacturing and senior care industries.

This experience in business with Polish and German clients allowed us to develop an effective model of business cooperation, recruitment process of employees and gather a rich base of candidates, primarily dedicated to the logistics and transport industry, automotive, manufacturing or agriculture.

We care about international standards in terms of development and posting of employees

  • We cooperate primarily with companies on the Polish and German labour market.
  • We provide temporary employees for simple and specialised jobs.
  • We have been cooperating for years with clients from logistics and courier, production, agriculture.
  • We accept orders from several to several hundred employees per month.
  • We provide organised teams for projects, consisting of: Coordinator => foreman => team of employees.
  • We provide seconded workers: accommodation and a full package of medical care.
  • We appreciate loyal and returning temporary employees.

It is always important for us to be a “Partner at Work” for both clients and employees.
IDEAL – Your Partner at work!

Process support through modern technology

We are in a dynamic phase of automation and digitalisation of processes. Most of them are supported using the ZOHO ONE platform and self-developed solutions such as FOB (Fast on Bording app) and ClockInt (Time Management app). Accurate and fast process handling is our priority.

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IT solutions for the HR sector

Do you need
seasonal or temporary employees?


Different clients, different needs.

In addition to temporary employees, we also recruit employees to meet individual client needs for permanent employment.

Dedicated recruitment
of an employee for permanent

The client — the company has a vacancy for permanent employment and only needs help in finding a specific employee on the labour market

For our clients, we carry out a full process of recruiting candidates for permanent jobs. We work on commission as well as in the system of permanent service of the recruitment process. We work in two models:


Recruitment / headhunting of a candidate for the client’s needs


Outsourcing of a recruiter for the client’s continuous recruitment process

Acquiring valuable employees from the market is possible primarily thanks to properly selected recruitment methods. After determining the needs of our contractors, we start a dedicated process of searching for a suitable candidate in the labour market.

Among other things, we carry out direct search, head hunting using a referral system and source candidates from job advertisements.

Our goal is to provide the best and tailored to the requirements of the position and company candidates.

We provide a recruitment service that involves recruiting staff for the client without IDEAL hiring employees or outsourcing a recruiter working permanently for the client.

We have experience in conducting recruitment processes for positions:

Executive (simple physical work):

  • production worker,
  • packer,
  • warehouseman,
  • employee of the shop,
  • cleaning service worker
  • security worker, etc.

Specialist basic:

  • reception,
  • administration,
  • an employee entering the data,
  • client service,
  • driver, etc.

Need a permanent employee?
We'll take care of recruitment!


Our long-term cooperation with international and local clients allows us to develop our services daily according to the growing and rapidly changing client needs.

What you get using IDEAL solutions and services:

Speed and flexibility
in matching the number of employees to the current needs of production/sales/delivery.

The appropriate skills and competences
of the employees matched to the changing needs in the market.

Security and continuity of processes
e.g. in production, offloading and others thanks to a dedicated team of recruitment and human resource management experts.

Reduction, optimisation
of employment costs, recruitment or payroll processes.

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